Why Infographics are Valuable Tools

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If you’re on the fence in regards to the use of infographics for your website, here are six advantages of them, and a few reasons as to why they are so valuable:

  • Infographics tend to be more eye-catching than printed words, because they usually feature a combination of images, colors, movement, and content that naturally attract the eye.


  • Since the majority of us have increasingly shorter attention spans, we often “scan” content rather than actually reading all the text. Furthermore, we usually remember information that we’ve seen more than information that we read.


  • Infographics are highly shareable for use around the web. For instance, an infographic published on a WordPress blog or website usually offers an embed code. This code provies an automatic link from the original site to your site. They can also be easily shared via social networks, and have a much greater chance of becoming viral compared to standard text.


  • Infographics can be used to strengthen a brand, simply due to the fact that they are so visually appealing. If you create an infographic with consistent colours, shapes, and messages, and also feature your logo in it, you’ll establish an effective means of brand awareness.


  • A well designed and aesthetically pleasing infographic will help direct people to your site because they are more likely to “share” and “click” on it. Also, this will help tremendously with your page ranking, which is important for SEO.


  • Lastly, an infographic is a fun and engaging tool that creates a unique connection with visitors to either your website or a location that has featured your infographic.