Why Use A Content Management System (CMS)

There are multiple reasons to use a Content Management System (CMS) for your website. I would like to talk about what a CMS is and why it is beneficial to use one.

A Content Management System is a system that can be used to manage content on your website. It provides the ability to easily add, remove, and edit all of the content on your website; this includes text, images, videos, and blogs. If a strong content management system is used then any user should feel confident with adding, removing or editing content without breaking the layout of their website. Of course it would require some training from your developer. The developer of the site would want to show you how to navigate your CMS and what you should and shouldn’t change. Always remember that a good developer will take the time to do this for you.

Now that we know the basics of what a CMS is, I am going to discuss one of the major advantages to using one. I have already mentioned the obvious advantage, which is having the ability to add, remove and change content easily. Let’s talk about some other reasons. A lot of work and a lot of code are put into developing a website which can lead to multiple files. Say you had your site developed and everything looked good, but you decide that on one section of one particular page you want to rewrite some of the content. If you did not use a CMS then this would require you to find the right file, and then look through all the code to find the right content you wish to change. It’s at this point that you can finally go ahead and make the change. Sounds like a lot of work right?! This can be difficult even for the developer, especially when you think about how often you’ll want to change your content.

This is why a CMS is great. If you received the proper training on your CMS, you now have two options: You can still ask your developer to go in and make the change for you which they will not mind doing because the CMS makes the task less tedious, or if you are comfortable with your CMS, you can make the change yourself with confidence. The nice thing about having a good CMS is that all of your pages, posts and content are very easy to find and navigate through.

In conclusion, a good CMS will do an amazing job at keeping your content organized and easily accessible. Everyone should be able to make simple content changes on their website, and CMS allows you to do just that.