Why You Need Quality Landing Pages as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing and SEO world is big and changing all the time. It involves an extensive vocabulary and varying components that you may or may not fully understand. If you haven’t come across the concept of landing pages already, we are going to take a close look at what a landing page entails and why they are so important as part of your overall marketing strategy.

What is a Landing Page?

Plain and simple, landing pages refer to static pages that provide a direct path to your website. Effective landing pages immediately communicate what the visitor can expect to receive from a page and how to get it. These pages are usually ones in which prospects intentionally or indirectly “land on” as a result of a Google search that prompts one to click an ad.

Landing pages can also be used in email marketing campaigns and promotions.


Why are Landing Pages Used as Part of a Marketing Strategy?

Essentially landing pages is a conversion and branding tool. Marketers optimize these pages to include a strong call to action (CTA) in an effort to increase their chances of gaining conversions.

The landing pages are created very strategically in a manner that includes important elements such as forms, links, and buttons. Landing pages allow marketers to direct their leads to conversion by strategically positioning a call to action elements such as links, forms, buttons and other website elements.

A landing page is often the first touchpoint between a prospect and a company, which makes it vital they are designed and optimized for impactful results.

How Can a Landing Page Contribute to Better SEO?

Content that’s Localized

Local content is a huge advantage in getting your site to rank higher in search engines. Specifically when it comes to local search. Landing pages provide an opportunity to focus on this localized content.

Some elements to consider incorporating in a local landing page include the city in which you serve, a map of the service location, hours of operations, and directions.

Social Exposure

Landing pages can grow your social media networks, and your social media accounts can be used to leverage your landing pages. Basically, you can use these pages on your social media accounts to send your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram connections to. On the other hand, you may wish to feature your latest posts or feeds on your landing pages to increase engagement and build those connections.

Specialized, Quality Content

When you create unique landing pages that include keyword specific content, and are directed to certain markets, products, or services, you can experiment and get a better understanding of what they are looking for. These findings will help funnel your visitors to the information they are looking for; thus helping them along the path to conversion.

Lead Generation

Landing pages offer the perfect means of capturing leads.  Perhaps you have a seminar or free workshop you wish to advertise throughout your website through signup forms. While this is a great approach, your leads will skyrocket even further when you create landing pages that are unique to these workshops. That is, pages that outline the benefits of attending one, how to sign up, and what they’ll learn from attending.

You should also consider incorporating video, audio, images, descriptions and a very persuasive call to action, if your goal is to generate more leads.

Enhance PPC Campaigns

PPC ads are especially effective when a landing page provides the information that the ad communicates. If your landing page and ad copy don’t match up, your bounce rate will increase, and the work you put into your landing pages, not to mention your PPC Campaigns, won’t matter. The more relevant the page is to the ad, the more effective.

For optimal success, many marketing companies will experiment and play around with different combinations of landing pages and ads, changing the keyword focus and copy where suitable.


Seek Support from the Experts

At NetGain, you can count on our team to create landing pages that drive results. Our landing pages are created to maximize the conversion of leads into paying customers. We will laser-focus the landing page on one particular product or service, so we can closely keep an eye on how the users are interacting with the page and what improvements can be made to achieve higher results and improve your return on investment.

Our SEO team will design a mobile-responsive landing page for your paid traffic and handle the copywriting, call-to-action, and page layout. We’ll also take care of the technical details, including connecting your landing page to your website and creating appropriate tracking codes.
Get in touch with us today to learn more about landing pages and how you can leverage this awesome marketing tool as part of your overall marketing strategy.