How to Write an Effective Blog Post

Consistent Compelling Content

What’s one of the most critical challenges a content writer or blogger faces? Coming up with new content.  It can be a difficult task creating fresh, quality content on a regular basis. Like anything, the more you do it the better you’ll become, but generally speaking, there are a few simple tricks you can practice which will enhance the effectiveness of your blog…

When writing a blog:

Find your focus.
To do this, you must begin by asking yourself this question: Who is your target audience? Once that’s been established, you can home in on a specific category (like this one focuses on writing) and be the expert on it.

Be relatable, be yourself.
What sets bloggers apart from newspaper article feeds is voice. Your content is what attracts them in while your personality, or your writing voice, is what will keep them there. Let your readers get to know you and your style of writing.

Use links within your posts.
Whether you are linking to other blogs or websites that contain quality information, or linking to past posts on your own website, do this wherever appropriate throughout your blog post. This will not only help to increase your click through rate, but also contributes to your overall blog’s search engine rankings.

Incorporate images.
While readers come to your blog primarily for information, they also need to be stimulated visually. Not all posts will lend themselves to an image, but when they do, take advantage of it. Here are 5 places to find free images for your blog.

Respond to blog comments.
This is an opportunity to connect directly with visitors who are visiting your website or blog. Plus it may be the perfect opportunity to turn prospects into potential customers. Not all comments need a response, but be sure to respond to ones that do, especially if the comment is negative.  Sometimes simply thanking your readers for popping by is enough. The goal here is to ensure you acknowledge their feedback.

Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Anywhere Else You Can.
The best way to gain exposure for your blog? Share it on social media. Anything that makes it easier for potential readers to find your blog is crucial. In doing so, it also provides the opportunity for sharing, commenting, and interaction with those interested in your product or service.